Sunday, December 7, 2008

Introducing Lucia [canberra newborn photographer]

I was right...I am never right about these I predicted that Michelle would have a little girl in this post here, and what a gorgeous little girl she is. She was determined to not sleep. I was thinking I may have to come back and try again another day, but she finally succumbed to the land of nod. This little girl is very lucky to be growing up with 2 big brothers who dote so very much on her.

Michelle and Andrew I hope she settled for you after I left. Enjoy your sneak peek. I will be in contact very soon with your slideshow.

Monday, December 1, 2008

looking for fairy's [canberra child photographer]

We found some too....hiding under a tree. Niamh and I went looking for the fairys and she found so many of them, what a lucky I met this lovely little girl and her baby brother yesterday afternoon for some photos with her Mum and Dad. We had a ball, though we were nearly blown away by the gale force was quite amazing how strong it was. Little Declan was not sure of me at all...gave me a little frown everytime I looked at him let alone pointed the camera in his direction. I did eventually get some frown free shots though.

Holly and Andrew here is just a few for you to see. I will have your slideshow ready for you very soon.