Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mylie.......so perfectly tiny, with a little bit of spunk

I had the honour of meeting and taking photos of little Mylie on Sunday. She was my first session for the ACOCP and the first one for the ACT.

Mylie was born at 25 weeks and 6 days, way too early for such a beautiful little girl. She must have been to eager to meet her Mum and Dad. She is now around 5 weeks old and has just reached the 1kg mark. She is delicate, like a little girl should be but had a little bit of spunk which she proudly showed when she was getting her little dress on for the photo session. She is getting bigger and stronger every day and though it must break her Mum and Dads heart each time they have to leave her in the NICU, one day very soon she will walk out the door with them to begin her life where she should be...at home, safe, with her loving parents.

Lisa and Matt thank you so much for allowing me into your life ever so briefly to capture Mylie's journey. May she keep growing stronger each day until she is spending all her time in your arms, cooing and smiling up at you.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Babies, babies, babies

Well it certainly is spring. There are babies being born left, right and center.

This little guy will be one of the next coming soon, well his mummy is hoping so. Leonie was one of the mums who contaced me about my maternity offer. She is due mid next month though her belly is so compact you wouldn't guess. She was glowing too.....wish I glowed like that when I was 37 weeks. Her two little boys Blake and Jack are going to be big brothers soon and I think they will be fantastic brothers....very cute and very cheeky.

Here you go Leonie I hope you like them, it was lovely to finally meet you and your boys. You r slideshow will be ready soon.

I have been so busy lately and it is going to continue for a while yet. So keep an eye on my blog for more babies, a wedding, and a very special session I did for the ACOCP.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Beautiful belly

This beautiful woman is a friend from college that I ran into a few months ago. When I found out she was pregnant with her second child I offered her one of the free maternity sessions. She was more than willing to volunteer for me.

I am so glad M did because of the gorgeous photos I did get.

Thanks for letting me take photos of your bump, I can't wait to meet the little girl inside.

Monday, September 8, 2008

He was not happy....lol.

This is Blair.....if you go back a few posts you will see before he entered the world. HERE. After a very quick labour he finally joined his family. With two big brothers doting over him he will certainly be one spoilt boy.

When he was 9 days old I popped over to do his photo session. Little Blair wasn't too impressed about having his photo taken, in fact each time I tried to move him he became quite upset with me. At one point he covered his face as if to say "...nup, I'm not doing this anymore..." LOL. He eventually let me take some photos although I did have to be quick.

Rowena and Richard I hope you enjoy the photos and I will soon have your slideshow ready for you.