Monday, February 25, 2008

First Prize

Over the weekend was the Royal Canberra Show. Now each year my Mum enters some of her wondeful artwork into the Art competition. This year she convinced me to enter some of my phtos into the photography section. I thought what the hell and chose 2 of my favourite photos right now to enter. So the show rocks around and I don't hear from the organisers so I assume that I didn't get anything.

Mum was sitting the exhibition on Sunday so I thought I would wander out and see the competition and have a coffee with her. WELL at about 11am on the Sunday morning the phone rings and it is mum all excited and I though Oh wow she won something how cool....BUT no it was me!!!! Both my photo won first prize in their respective sections. Colour Portrait (Tynan without the writing on it) and B&W (the gorgeous Lucinda). Well I will tell you that I did kinda hyperventilate. I was sooooo amazed that BOTH had won. So I go out to have a look and not only did I win my sections BUT Mum got a highly commended for one of her paintings.....and so did my Mother in Law. What a day it turned out to be.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

a dress, an alley, a ruin and a river

Very early on Saturday morning, (and I do mean very early, it was about 6am) me and my camera joined two friends and their cameras and one very brave model for a bit of fun. We did a photo shoot that is very popular in America and Europe and is slowly gaining popularity in Aus too. It is called a Trash the Dress. Now we used Veronicas(photographer) wedding dress for the shoot.

Now I know you are all thinking we are crazy...I know Brendan still is, but let me explain the concept to you. When you are getting married and you are having your photos taken the aim is to get lovely photos whilst keeping the dress in pristene condition. You would therefore sacrifice some gorgeous photos just because you may get some dirt on the dress. Well we don't care what happens to the dress because we are going for the perfect photo instead. To quote we are " pushing the boundaries of creative photography" If the dress gets wet well so be it. If it gets mud stained so be it. If we get awsome photos it was all worth it. We went to grafitti alley on Bunda st and then up to the ruins of the Stromolo Observatory and then ended the day at/in the Cotter.

So I think you can see from the photos above.................IT WAS SOOO WORTH IT.

I am sore, tired and I ache all over. I ended up in the river with our model all to get the perfect photo.

Would I do it again????

Hell yes!! enjoy looking at them :-)

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Challenge is over

Now don't get me wrong I have really enjoyed trying new things but it started to get really tough at the end. The boys didn't want a bar of me. I was even sick of taking self portraits. So this is a few of my faves from the second half of the month. I am deternined to keep trying new things and brancing out from my norm.....just not everyday of the month.